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Why buy Handheld fiber laser welder?


In welding equipment  market, argon-arc welder and YAG laser welding machine are popular, and argon-arc welder is most popular welding equipment in the world because of its cheap cost. But YAG laser welding machine used more and more in the past years because of its high speed and high quality welding performance, but its obvious shortcomings is the electricity consumption is higher. Right now a new technology---Handheld fiber laser welding machine is attractive with welding industry



Handheld fiber laser welder




Let's take a look at the simplest picture comparison first. One is argon arc welding that can produce strong arc ultraviolet rays that are very harmful to human eyes, and the other is a handheld fiber laser welding machine with little welding spatter



Different welding machine comparison


Let's do a general comparison between argon-arc welder and YAG laser welder and Handheld fiber laser welding machine, the details as below



The fiber laser welding machine have abvious advantage in welding quality such as low thermal input, low workpiece deformation & undercut, smooth welding seam and low requirement in post-processing (no need extra polish after welding)


In operation, the handheld fiber laser welding machine can get fastest welding speed than argon-arc welder and YAG laser welder, also operator can learn to handle the fiber laser welding machine very easy, commonly user can do welding by it within one day operation, no need professional welding worker


In Environmenta protection and safety, the argon-arc welder have high harm on operator because of strong arc ultraviolet rays, also the big welding spatter is harm on Envirometal pollution



Handheld fiber laser welding machine produced by Five Laser




Argon-arc welder VS Handheld fiber laser weder--Labor cost


The labor cost is very important for welding jobs. Following is simple labor cost comparison between argon-arc welder and fiber laser welder. 



Because of faster much welding speed and beautiful welding seam for handheld fiber laser welder, so the factory or workshop can reduce professional welding worker and polish worker. Right now the professional welding worker labor cost is very high in the market, but there is no much high requirement for operator for Handheld fiber laser welder because of easy learning and easy operation


How fast welding speed can do by fiber laser welder








YAG laser welder VS Handheld fiber laser weder--Running cost


Because YAG laser welder have high cost consumable parts such as laser crystal and Xenon lamp, the operation cost will be very high. The comparison is as below



Because the electro-optical conversion efficiency for YAG laser is only 3%, but 40% for fiber laser. So the electricity consumption  for YAG laser welder is 5-6 times higher than fiber laser welder under similar laser power output


For running cost, fiber laser welder have large advantage compare to YAG laser welder







At the same time, the handheld fiber laser welder can do cutting on stainless steel 





Right now the handheld fiber laser welding machine have 1000w, 1500w, 2000w for option. The 500w handheld fiber aser welding machine is getting less and less in the market, because the buying cost for 500w is closed with 1000watt. The fiber laser source for welding have Raycus, RECI, Max brand for option


The shortcoming for Handheld fiber laser welder is the purchase cost is still high. 2 years ago the price around 20000usd for 1000watt, right now the new price for 1000w is around 10000usd~15000usd


Please let us know if there is any question or some doubt,or if you have some different views on different welding machine please feel free to share with us, thanks