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  • Impurities such as sticky dust、chips will be a catastrophic effect on the normal use and life of the square linear guide rail (ball guides). Because in a bad working environment, it is difficult for the brush or squeegee to prevent impurities from entering inside of the slider (block) of the ball guides. The Impurities inside of slider will increase the force and wear on the balls. This not only affects the smoothness and accuracy of the movement of the ball guides, but also greatly shortens the service life of the ball guides. But the influence of impurities such as dust and chips for round linear guide module (wheel guides) is very, very less.

Harsh environments

  • Separation of sliders and guide rails
  • The ball guide must be very careful when installing, once the slider slides off the guide rail, the balls can easily be scattered. If the guide rail is inserted into the slider again, the working efficiency of the entire ball guide rail will only be 30% than original one, even less, and the service life will be greatly reduced. But the sliders (block) can be removed from the round linear guide rail at any time during installation or display without any worry.
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  • XY-linear-guide-rail-laser
  • The installation precision requirement of the square guide rails on the assembly base is very strict, and it needs time and labor-consuming look at the leveling and polishing of assembly base. But there is a very less effect for round guide rail module, also the assembly can be very fast, commonly the assembly time of a round guide rail module just need 1/4 compare to a square guide rail assembly.
  • Installation accuracy requirements


  • Maintenance and replacement cost comparison
  • If the ball bearing or square guide rail wears out, the entire square guide rail system must be replaced, otherwise the working efficiency will be greatly affected. For round guide rail module, the guide rail or slider can be replaced individually or simply replaced. Therefore, the round guide rail module is less cost to maintain and replace.
  • Replacement of worn parts
  • The replacement of the square guide rail requires a professional person. But for round guide rail module, even engineers in user factory can complete the entire maintenance and replacement without the guidance of the guide rail manufacturer. Therefore, the downtime during maintenance for round guide rail module can greatly be reduced much
  • Eccentric wheel
  • During the assembly of the round guide rail module, the concentric wheel and the eccentric wheel can be used for assembly if necessary, which solves the problem of preload force between the slider and the guide rail, and ensures that the slider moves quickly, smoothly and without gaps. Compared with the square guides, the round guides can obtain faster transmission speed, better transmission smoothness, and low noise.
  • Moving accuracy
  • Square guide rail can achieve higher running accuracy than round guide rail module. From the above introduction, we can see that round guides and square guides have their own advantages. Users can make use of the "complementarity" of two kinds of linear guide products according to their own product design requirements. Choosing reasonable linear guide rail products to maximize the market competitiveness. 
    It can be said that in most factory automation applications where square linear guides are used, round linear guides are also suitable, but also have the advantages of higher speed, longer life, easier installation and dust resistance.


  • Sum up the simple summary
  • Round linear guide (wheel guides) features: 
    1) higher transmission speed 
    2) lower noise
    3) do not require professional maintenance personnel, easy installation
    4) long life 
  • 5) dust resistance
  • Square linear guides (ball guides) features:
  • 1) Higher accuracy,
    2) Higher load capacity, 
    3) It is generally required to exchange the whole slide and guide rail together if worn out.
    4) During installation and maintenance, balls are easily scattered.