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  • Linear guide application
  • laser-motion-kit
    Laser cutting and engraving machine
    Laser cutting machine and laser engraving machine
    Complete laser motion kit with single head or double heads for optional, the working area such as 600*400mm,       900*600mm, 1000*800mm, 1200*600mm, 1300*900mm, 1400*1000mm, 1600*1000mm, 1800*1200mm. The x/y guide rail, bearing, timing-belt, transmission shaft, motor speed reducer, mirror mounts and cutting heads are included.
  • 删除模板
  • 向上插入行
  • outer-sliding-laser-motion-kit
    Glue spraying
    Glue spraying machine/Glue dispengsing machine.
       Complete linear motion kit in X and Y axis
  • Robot arm
  • Linear-guide-rail-application
    High-speed transportation equipment
  • Linear-guide-rail-application
  • Tme-lapse photography
    High-end 3D printer (complete linear motion in X and Y axis)
    Other automatic machinery such as painting spraying machine,  packing machine, textile machinery and other      automatic equipment. As long as there is a need or demands for linear motion, the linear guide rail module will be neccessary.