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  • RF metal laser tube
  • RF-metal-laser-tube
    RF metal laser tube also called
  • RF metal laser source
    It commonly used for laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, also popular in CO2 laser marking machine
  • Dynamic-focusing-CO2-laser-marker
    Low power such as 10w, 30w are popular for CO2 laser marking machine for engraving jobs on materials such as wood, MDF, leather, Acrylic and etc
  • CO2 RF laser
  • 蓝色普机前部
    In the past years It also used for laser cutting and engraving machine, but right now glass CO2 laser tube already replace the rules, because glass laser tube is much cheaper in price
  • RF-metal-laser-tube
  • The famous supplier in the world:
  • 1. Synrad---USA
       Vi30, V60.
       Synrad is popular in low power
    2. Coherent---USA
       C30, C55. Now their J2 and J3 popular in 150w-250w scope
    3. ROFIN----GERMANY for high power such as 100w-200w-300w
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