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   Laser welder winterizing guide


Not only fiber laser welder, laser cleaning machine, fiber laser cutting machine, or even CO2 laser cutting engraving machine all adopts water chiller for cooling. When the ambient temperature is lower than 0°C, the cooling water in the equipment will be freezed, which will seriously damage the water chiller and laser components. So the winterizing jobs is very important for laser  machines, we will show the winterizing guide for laser machines.




Laser machines working on water chiller


Commonly the water chiller is not only used for cooling fiber laser source, glass laser tube or CO2 RF metal laser source. But also used for cooling fiber laser source QBH output, laser welding torch, laser cutting head, laser cleaner torch. Following machines all adopts water chiller for cooling.


Laser welding machine



Laser cleaning machine



Fiber laser cutting machine



CO2 laser cutting engraving machine



CO2 laser marking machine



Winterizing guide

If the ambient temperature is lower than 2°C at night, it is recommended to add antifreeze to the water tank of the equipment. The brand of antifreeze we recommend the American Clariant brand



Before adding antifreeze, drain the water of the chiller from the drain in front of the water tank (be careful not to let the water splash on the equipment when draining or filling)





When adding antifreeze, the volume ratio of antifreeze to purified water should be determined according to the local minimum ambient temperature

64 60% antifreeze, 40% purified waterfor -30~-40

55 50% antifreeze, 50% purified waterfor -20~-30

46 40% antifreeze, 60% purified waterfor -10~-20

37 30% antifreeze, 70% purified waterfor +10~-10



When the local minimum temperature is higher than 5°C, it is necessary to drain out the antifreeze water from the water tank and replace it with purified water again