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   Which machines will be needed for building a sheet metal factory? 





Sheet metal factories generally need to purchase the following machines:

CNC shearing machine: used to cut plates of various thicknesses, including iron plates, stainless steel plates, aluminum plates, etc. CNC bending machine: used to bend sheared plates into required shapes, and can process various metal plates.




Bending machine: used to bend plates into required shapes and sizes, including CNC bending machines, hydraulic bending machines and manual bending machines, etc.







CNC cutting machine: used for high-precision cutting of sheets, including plasma cutting machines, laser cutting machines, water jet cutting machines, etc.









Welding equipment: used to weld plates together, including arc welding machines, gas shielded welding machines, laser welding machines, etc.








Stamping machine: used for stamping and forming plates, including CNC punch machines, hydraulic punch machines and stamping machines, etc.







Deburring machine: used to remove burrs and flash from the edges of sheet metal parts. You can choose a portable deburring machine or a fixed deburring machine.

Spraying equipment: used to spray paint or coating on the surface of sheet metal parts. You can choose automatic spraying equipment or manual spraying equipment.

Inspection equipment: used for quality inspection and measurement of sheet metal parts. Measuring instruments, inspection platforms, etc. can be selected.

Handling equipment: Used to move plates and finished products in the factory. Forklifts, cranes, etc. can be selected.

Other equipment: Depending on actual production needs, other auxiliary equipment may be required, such as decoilers, levelers, grinders, polishers, etc.

The above equipment is the basic equipment for opening a sheet metal factory. The selection and configuration of specific equipment need to be considered based on the actual situation and production needs of the factory. At the same time, attention should also be paid to the maintenance and upkeep of equipment to ensure production efficiency and product quality.