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  • Laser cleaner
    R&D & produced by Five Laser


    It adopts continuous wave fiber laser source with laser power range 1000w~3000w. It has higher cleaning efficiency, great cleaning effects, no consumable parts






    Super-light            cleaning head


    The single time laser cleaning width reach 150mm to make sure the highest cleaning efficiency. Super-light laser cleaning head design, which can reduce the working intensity of operator max.







    Popular applicable industries



    When regular steel is exposed to oxygen through air or water, it forms a layer of ferric oxide (Fe2O3) which is usually red. This irregular film of rust keeps breaking off, leaving the fresh steel below exposed to oxygen.


    Rust removal have very huge requirements, especially in steel structure building, train track, steel raw materials, rusted car parts, rusted hardware & tools, rusted equipment machine body or base, and other rusted metal surface, laser cleaning machine will be good choice







    Laser  cleaning   offers  a safe and much faster way to remove rust from any type of metal. Laser cleaning method will not bring any extra second pollution


    Compared to traditional chemical cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning, laser cleaning has unique advantages such as no pollution, high cleaning efficiency, great cleaning effects, no damage to the workpiece to be cleaned, no consumables. And easier to intergate with automation or robot. This the reason why laser cleaning machine getting wider and wider applications.







    Chemical cleaning VS Mechnical cleaning VS Dry ice cleaning VS Ultrasonic cleaning

    VS Laser cleaning








    Laser cleaning samples
    Rust removal?
    Let's go for laser cleaner R&D by Five Laser









    On touch screen, the laser power, scanning speed, laser frequency, laser duty, scanning length all can be adjusted directly. For example if you want to use 1300w laser power on a 1500w laser cleaning machine, then you can put 1300w on touch screen directly. And the red guide function is available for laser cleaning. Also the optical shutter function icon is available on touch screen (Stop cleaning or start cleaning). If you want to stop cleaning for a while in short time, just need to press "stop cleaning" icon, then the laser source will not output the laser for avoiding some wrong action


    Models of Five Laser FLC series laser cleaning machine


    FLC1000H FLC1500H FLC2000H

    Average power

    1000W 1500W 2000W
    Power tunability 100~1000w 100~1500w 200~2000w
    Laser source Continuous wave fiber laser source
    Laser source brand Raycus (MAX/JPT for optional)
    Laser source wavelength 1070±10nm
    Output connector QBH (for laser source)
    Fiber cable length 10 meters standard
    Machine body Compact design
    Cleaning head weight 0.7KG
    Focal length Focus lens focal length: F600mm, collimated focal length: 50mm
    Cleaning width (scanning width) Max. 150mm at a time
    Water chiller brand Teyu S&A
    Input power requirement 220V±10% , Single phase 220V±10%, Single phase 380V±10% , 3 phase
    Power frequency 50Hz as standard (It has to be informed if need working under 60HZ)
    Power consumption Max. 6KW Max. 7.5KW Max. 11KW
    Dimension 96*59*68MM 96*59*68MM 110*60*69CM
    Net weight/Gross weight 100KG/129KG 116KG/145KG 158KG/200KG