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    Robot laser welding machine    
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     Robotic laser welding machine has sparked a revolution in the industrial sector, offering unparalleled capabilities for precise and accurate metal welding. Five Laser developped robot laser welding or cleaning machine with laser power 1000w, 1500w, 2000w, 3000w & 6000w for optional








    6 axis robot, 3D welding, 10KG loading capacity

    Axis C1 motion range: +165°~-165°, with 200°/second max speed
    Axis C2 motion range: +140°~-90°, with 134°/second max speed
    Axis C3 motion range: +85°~-135°, with 268°/second max speed
    Axis C4 motion range: +180°~-180°, with 260°/second max speed
    Axis C5 motion range: +129°~-129°, with 260°/second max speed
    Axis C6 motion range: +360°~-360°, with 443°/second max speed

    We adopts Leantec 6 axis robot, Leantec is professional in controller and headquater in Taiwan of China. The standard configuration model is LA1468-10 with IP54 levels of protection, which can be installed on the ground, suspended, inclined locations

    Adopts six-axis linkage, 3D laser welding or 3D laser cleaning (integrated function and can be shifted), which can provide comprehensive industrial laser welding/cleaning solutions. Robot laser welder can improve the welding accuracy and uniformity much than the handheld laser welder It can weld in any space, not limited to flat welding. It can effectively improve the working conditions of workers, reduce the requirement of workers’ operation skills and improve production and factory efficiency

    Applicable materials: Suitable for flat and three-dimensional welding of stainless steel, carbon steel, galvonized sheet, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy and some other metal materials
    Popular applicable industries: Widely used in various manufacturing industries such as automobiles, machinery manufacturing, ships, elevator manufacturing, advertising production, aerospace, kitchen utensils/barbecue hot pots, household appliances manufacturing, medical equipment, decoration, hardware and metal external processing services

    Advantage of robot laser welder


    • Suitable for shaped & flat material welding

    • High uniformity welding, beautiful weldseam

    • High automation, reduce working intensity greatly

    • Multiple functions, automatic welding and cleaning

    • High efficiency, suitable for 24 hours continuous welding

    • Small heat-affected zone, minimal material deformation

    • Improve welding quality, meet high precision requirement







    Robot laser cleaning

    the flat or shaped materials can be cleanned automatically












    Robot pendant


    User can use teach pendant keys and touch panel to control robot arm Physical Keys plus the indicator let users can handle the 6 axis arm easily. The 6 axis can be controlled in single or in linkage.













    Interface with perfect layout, strong functions with multiple settings, easy operation for new users









    Super programing function


    Integrated laser control, gas control, wire feeder control multiple functions on robot pendant. Super easy programing the welding path











    Builds high quality robot laser welder, only high stability can bring real automatic and high  efficiency. Comfortable, continuous and easy operation experience is our pursuit 










    Robot welding path--linear motion


    During welding commonly linear motion is popular requirement, end point linear motion function let operator get linear motion will let      point (red point) move in the red dotted line, and it is needed for            second, third and fifth axis (C2, C3, C5) moving together to achieve goal The robot arm moves in a straight line in a certain direction, the joints will calculate the angle for each axis they will be rotated to match








    Robot welding path--circular motion


    Circular motion is actually a variation of linear motion, because what we need to notice when we need circular motion is still the movement of the     point in space. As the left graph, point draws circular arc in the space, but circular motion will be unable to move directly with manual moving method. It is needed for 3 point to target one circular arc in the space





    Robot laser welding machine
    Models and specifications


    MODEL FBW-1500/2000/3000 FRW-1500/2000/3000/6000
    Laser source Raycus 1070~1080nm Raycus 1070~1080nm
    Laser power 1500/2000/3000w 1500/2000/3000/6000w
    Wobble head Single/dual wobble Dual wobble
    Wobble width 0-5mm (It can be customized
    Laser torch system Raytools/Qilin Raytools/Qilin
    Robot system Leantec (other brand robot can be optional)
    Robot axis no. 6 axis 6axis
    Max arm reach 1468mm (other arm length can be optional
    Robot max load capacity 10KG (other load capacity can be optional
    Robot position repeating precision +/-0.08mm (+/-0.05mm for optional)
    Robot's level of protection IP54 IP54
    Cooling type Teyu S&A water chiller for cooling laser source, QBH, laser torch
    Red light preview Available Available
    Vision camera N/A Available
    Weldseam tracking system Optional
    Robot foot base Optional
    Robot welding rotators Optional
    Input power

    220V single phase for 1500/2000w

    380V 3 phases for 3000/6000w