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    Three in one laser welding machine    
    Laser welding-laser cleaning-laser cutting together


    3 in 1 laser welding machine produced by Five Laser. It will be best choice for customers, because the system can do laser welding, cleaning (rust removal), handheld metal cutting in one machine. The laser power have 1000w, 1500w, 2000w & 3000w for optional








    Ready-made laser welding process parameters
    When you want to welding on aluminum alloy, just select "aluminum" items and select corresponding thickness, then you can weld the workpieces directly for saving your setting times
    3-in-1 laser welding machine FAW-1000 (1000w) & FAW-1500 (1500w)
    New 3-in-1 laser welding cabinet design for optional, commonly can be used for 1000w & 1500w
    If need 2000w & 3000w, then the laser cabinet should be changed to larger one like the above red+white color cabinet
    The FAW-2000 (2000W) & FAW-3000 (3000W) will be same above






    Cleaning    Welding     Cutting



    It's easy to shift from laser welding to laser cutting,  only need to exchange the welding nozzle to cutting nozzle


    If need to shift from laser welding/laser cutting to laser cleaning, then just need to exchange the focus lens insert tool & cleaning nozzle, then can do metal rust removal directly










    Different cleaning methods compare to laser cleaning methods





    Laser cleaning technology have many advantages for rust removal such as faster cleaning speed, great cleaning affects, no extra cleaning pollution, precise controllable (easy integrated with automation & robot), no consumable required.










    Different welding methods compare to fiber laser welding




    Comparison between argon arc welding & fiber laser welding





    Comparison between YAG laser welding & CW fiber laser welding







    Look at our laser welding speed


    Faster speed means higher welding efficiency & lower labor cost

    No professional welder?Never mind


    Even a new worker without welding experience, you can also do perfect welding by our laser, ecommonly it take one day learning will be enough for qualified welding effect. 








    Handheld cutting on stainelss steel will be easy, you can cut a straight or curve line, or other shape you want




    The details of laser head

    (welding/cleaning/cutting torch) 



    Innovative three-in-one laser head or called laser welding torch/laser cleaning torch/laser cutting torch. Light body design & insert-type protective lens design. No need to buy several laser machines for these different jobs, just need one set 3-in-1 laser system for welding, cleaning, cutting together 





    How to keep a laser machine in high quality and high stability?




    Adopting famous raycus brand continuous fiber laser source as core to make sure high stability operation in long term. Also improved design in water cooling to make sure for exhausting complete heating from chiller fan. Better cooling termperature control makes machine working in more stability.





    Innovative laser head

    During laser welding or laser cutting, especially welding on high reflective materials such as aluminum alloy or carbon steel, there will be more splashes. Because of that we improved the laser heads and R&D dual-protective lens & insert tools design, which can protect inside focus lens, reflective mirror & collimated lens max. Also  the temperature monitoring added to the laser head, once temperature exceeded default or protective lens damaged, the temperature will be giving red light alarm and stopping the laser output, under new design the laser head can be working in good condition in long term







    The laser welding nozzle including normal welding nozzle & feeding welding nozzle. The normal welding nozzle is for internal/external corner joint welding, Tee joint welding & butt welding; The feeding welding nozzle is for welding with wire feeder; And cutting nozzle is for handheld metal cutting. According to materials the nozzle have brass nozzle and copper nozzle for optional, and copper nozzle have better heat dissipation performance than brass one. The nozzles we adopts is have advantage in less spatter than traditional one






    Three in one handheld laser welder
    Models and specifications

    FAW-1000 (1000w)-- For welding 0.5~2.5mm stainless steel

    FAW-1500 (1500w)-- For welding 0.5~3.5mm stainless steel

    FAW-2000 (2000w)-- For welding 0.5~4.5mm stainless steel

    FAW-3000 (3000w)-- For welding 1.0~6.0mm stainless steel

    •  Series:   Handheld FAW series           
    • Name :    3 in 1 laser welding machine
    • Welding width: 5mm max. welding width
    • Welding head weight:  0.7KG only
    • Cleaning width:  80mm max. cleaning width
    • Cutting function:   Cutting by handheld
    • Laser source: Raycus laser source as standard
    • Laser source option:JPT、Max lasers
    • Cooling:    Teyu S&A water chiller for cooling
    • Dispaly:      7" touch screen
    • Lauguage:English/Russian/Chinese...
    • Machine size:  96*60*68cm (1000w & 1500w)
    • Machine size:  110*60*75cm (2000w & 3000w)