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  • Visable

               Red pointing laser tube


    Assistant alignment

    Visable laser tube helps people find the laser beam, to makes the laser cutting machine alignment easilier much

    Visable laser tube
    • ITEM name                 /Red pointing laser tube
    • Series No.        

          / Tr series

    • BRAND  

         / Five laser

    • Function 1

         / Assistant alignment

    • Function 2                / Red preview
    • Catalyst unique

         / Applied

    • Laser power scope

         / 30w, 40w, 50w, 60w~150w

    • Cooling type

         / Water cooling

    Red dot on head

    Red dot is concentric with laser dot, which makes laser delivery path alignment easilier much



                                                           Red dot reflected on cutting materials---Red preview





    Easy connection on laser tube  

    Easy connection

    The high voltage and cathode end wire connection are very easy, only need fix them by screws on both ends without soldering

    Visable laser tube  
                              TR series visable laser tube with both metal head & perfect beam quality
    Red pointing laser tube  
    • laser-head
    • laser-spot-on-cardboard
    • laser-spot-on-acrylic

      Laser spot on different object

    Laser tube running tesing

    Strict quality control to get high stability lifetime

    • laser-tube-with-red-pointer
    • Water cooling

      for red light laser head

      to makes it more stable


    We provide

    innovational laser tube for helpful operation on laser cutting machine for user