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    Desktop laser cutter & engraver (ID: F6040)


    Desktop laser cutter & engraver is a compact design based on standard CO2 laser cutting & engraving machine. It's like a standard machine including honeycomb working table, laser operating panel, laser tube, laser power supply, XY laser guide rail, laser cutting head, exhausting fan, air compressor & water cooling pump. Above photo is for 600*400mm working area laser cutter, the popular laser power for optional is 40w, 50w, 60w, 80w












    Desktop laser cutter & engraver (ID: F4030) 


    F4030 is desktop laser cutter & engraver with 400*300mm working area, the laser power for optional is 30w, 40w, 50w. This machine can be put on a desk for cutting & engraving directly. The honeycomb table, adjustable laser head, red pointer are included








    Desktop laser engraver (ID: F3020)

    Desktop laser engraver F3020 with working area 300*200mm, the laser power for optional is 30w, 40w, 50w. This machine is very popular for wood stamp or rubber stamp making, so some buyer call it stamp maker










    Small laser cutter & engraver

    This machine adopts beautiful & compact design, the machine F6040 dimension is  only 113*74*58cm (adopts 60w tube). All needed accessories such as water pump & air compressor are included, the exhausting blower already installed on machine. The laser system can be working directly by connecting with computer by USB cable











    Above is typical desktop laser engraver machine F3020, it equiped with stamp making jig fixture. If buyer need to do cutting by F3020 (300*200mm) machine, then should inform to our sales person during order, because the honeycomb working table need to be added












    Wood stamp & rubber stamp are very popular in the market, so laser stamp machine or called desktop laser engraver will be best choice for making machine. Above photo is show rubber stamp, wood stamp and final stamp chop for reference










    Above is standard inner structure for desktop laser cutter & engraver F4030 or F3020 for cutting purpose. It includes micro square linear guide rail in X axis, adjutable laser head, honeycomb working table, red light for pointing










    The laser power can be increased or decreased easily. The incremental changes or reduced quantity can be  0.1%, 1%, 10%. It means opeerator can get exact current control easily. There is a “test” button on panel for testing the laser output directly










    We adopts standard micro square linear guide rail for X axis for keeping high movement accuracy. And the limit sensors for X and Y axis are assembled










    The laser tube will be installed on the machine during transportation with safe sponge protection, it means the machine can be operated directly, no need buyer to install the laser tube by himselves. Also the laser delivery path can be protected well with no changes












    The gold color laser cutting head can be adjusted up & down for matching the correct laser focal length. Also the red pointer will be installed on all our laser cutting machine for easy show the start point to operator










    Reasonable electrical layout is very important for keeping machine in high quality, the high stability laser power supply will be installed on our machine




    We provides lots of power output socket on machine with 220V, it means the air compressor, exhausting blower & water pump can be plug or connect on these power socket directly. The laser machine buyer only need provide one input power socket for the machine








    Motorised up and down working table will be standard configuration for desktop laser cutter & engraver F6040. The operator can press the "UP" & "DOWN" buttons laser machine operating panel for low down or lift up the working table for matching correct focal length of cutting/engraving





    Our laser machine adopts popular M3 Nano controller, which is new version than traditional M2 Nano controller. These 2 modesl laser controller are produced by LIHUIYU STUDIO LABS, which is the most popular mother board for desktop laser cutter & engraver










    The software we adopted is popular CorelLaser, which is working together with CorelDraw directly. The design can be finished by CorelDraw software directly, so then output to laser machine directly, the cutting/engraving speed can be adjusted on software easily





    Laser cutting is wide application such as acrylic cutting, paper cutting, rubber cutting. Above photo shown the wood cutting result











    The accessories for desktop laser cutter & engraver F3020 & F4030. It includes power cord, focusing tool, software dongle, software U-disk, USB cable, air pipe, water pump, exhauster fan, air compressor & water pipes







    The accessories for desktop laser cutter & engraver F6040, It includes Allan tool, software dongle, software U-disk, USB cable, power cord, focal length checking tool, water pump & water tank, air pipe & air compressor, wheels & water pipe. The exhausting blower already assembled on the mahcine









    Laser machine models


    Models F3020-A F3020-B F4030 F6040
    Working area 300*200mm 300*200mm 400*300mm 600*400mm
    Laser option 30w, 40w, 50w 30w, 40w, 50w 30w, 40w, 50w 40w, 50w, 60w, 80w
    Cutting No Yes Yes


    Engraving Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Honeycomb table No Yes Yes Yes
    Red pointer No Yes Yes Yes
    Motorised up/down No No No Yes