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    Mobile App Laser Marking Machine (ID: FLM-20)


    Five Laser developed innovative laser marking machine, no need connect machine to computer. It can do marking from the mobile App or laptop by WIFI. It means no need equipe a indepedent computer for our laser marking machine, especially better for portable fiber laser marker and handheld type laser marking machine. Also it will save the computer cost and let the laser marking more freedom











    Mobile App controled laser marking machine can makes the laser marking more easier and portable. The mobile App can make simple designs such as serial number, text, barcode. Also it can import vector files such graphics, pictures. The marked file can be saved on the marking controller, next time it can be opened from the mobile App directly










    No need to connect the laser marker to computer by USB cable any more. Inside machine already have build-in WIFI on marking controller, the marking can be outputed from the mobile marking App or laptop software through WIFI directly










    Apple iOS & Google Andriod system are friendly to our laser marking App/software









    Fiber laser marking machine is very suitable for stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy and other metals marking. Also part of engineering plastic can be marked such as computer keyboard, mobile charge housing, PVC pipes










    Photo marking is very attractive and interesting things to end user, just take photo by mobile and then output to laser marking machine. It will be happy thing if laser marking beautiful photo for your girl friend and giving her as gifts.  









    Our Laser Mark software is powerful and complete, popular applications for laser marking are included such as vector design, barcode marking, image printing, ruler making, text marking. Also can be used for marking serial number, time/date Also have delayer, layer control, I/O port control









    Except enclosed cabinet model FLM-20, we have above different laser marking cabinet for optional such as portable type, vertical type and handheld type. Commonly enclosed cabinet is good for European buyers, handheld tpe is good for marking on big size or heavy object






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    Models FLM-20 FLM-20H FLM-20P




    Type Enclosed cabinet Handheld cabinet Portable cabinet Vertical cabinet
    Laser power 20~30w 20~30w 20~50w 20~10ww
    Build-in WIFI Included Included Included Included
    Mobile App English English English  English
    Motorised up/down Included Optional Optional Optional
    Working area 100~200mm 100~200mm 100~200mm 100~400mm
    Suitable Mobile OS Google Andriod and Apple iOS
    Input power 220V & 50/60HZ (110V & 50/60HZ for optional

    Notice: If need machine working under 110V, please inform us during order