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    3D relief: fiber laser marking machine


    3D relief laser marking machine produced by FIVE LASER in China. The Fiber laser based 3D relief marking machine adopts 3 Axis coordinated movement.





    fiber laser based 3D laser marking machine
    It is commonly used for deep engraving, steel relief or embossing, hardware processing, mold making, Also it can be used for thin metallic artcraft cutting. The processed material can be copper, aluminum alloy, mould steel


    Standard vertical & open style design






    Enclosed design 3D laser marker in vertical and desktop style







    Adopts original JCZ control card & G3 pro scanner head





    EZCAD 3 version software with 3D functions, based on layered functions on STL format design used for making the 3D relief or called 3D embossing




    Flat/Relief marking    Cutting


    It's not only for marking on flat surface, but also used for relief surface making or deep engraving. Even using for some small artcraft cutting






    3D relief samples

    Material: Aluminum alloy

    Relief size: 68*46*3.5mm

    Process time: 3 hours




      Material: Copper

    Relief size: 50*30*3mm

    Process time: 4 hours





    Material: Steel

    Relief size: 67*15*15mm

    Process time: 4hours







    Material: Aluminum alloy

    Relief size: 58*55*7.5mm

    Process time: 8 hours





    Material: Aluminum alloy

    Relief size: 29*29*3.6mm

    Process time: 4 hours






     Material: Aluminum

    Relief size: 62*46*6mm

    Process time: 14 hours


    3D relief laser marking machine
    Models & specifications

    Model: FOM-100 (100w)



     Series:   FOM series


    Laser power: 100w


    Laser source: Raycus or JPT


    Axis movement:  3 Axis


    Working area: 70mm~150mm for option


    Laser controller: Original JCZ


    Scanner head: G3 pro


    Software:EZCAD 3


    3D drawing format: STL


    Computer: Intel i5 8G+256G


    Red light preview: Included


    Cooling type: Air cooling


    Exhauster blower: optonal


    Rotary or clamp tools: optional