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    Pulsed laser cleaning machine:  Very suitable for painting removal (coating removal), mold cleaning


    Five Laser company developed backpack laser cleaner. In the process of removing rust, oxide layer, weathered residue, carbon in bakeware, adhesives, varnishes, oils, greases, smoke damaged equipment, paints, inks and release agents and contaminants from the surface, no high-pressure gas, no chemicals or abrasive consumables are used. The impact on the original surface (base material) is minima or with any less damage during the contaminant material removed, which can be performed wet or dry






    Very wide application for pulsed laser cleaner


    Laser cleaning is ideal for a wide range of industries such as: aerospace, automotive repair, marine, bakery, medical, mold, conservation and restoration, furniture, construction, energy, engineering, manufacturing, nuclear, pharmaceutical, printing, pretreatment before painting or coating and more








    100w pulsed laser cleaning machine, it adopts backpack & super-light design, which can improve the movable features a lots, even it can be used for working at heights



    The focusing tools on the cleaning head helps the cleaning & marking jobs on a fixed height, to makes the operation easier & high precision



    100w integrated laser cleaning and laser marking functions together, it means you can marking logos & other contents by it, also you can do cleaning or painting removal by this machine







    200w~300w pulsed laser cleaner adopts the drag-and-drop cabinet design and the assistance of an extra-long power cord, the machine can be easily moved to the place you want to do cleaning jobs 






    The 500W pulsed laser cleaning machine adopts super-long fiber optic cable, and the working radius of the machine can reach about 8 meters without moving. If plus the extra-long power cord, the working range of the machine will be greatly increased. 500w pulse laser cleaning machine is currently widely used in paint removal, coating removal, cleaning of various molds, cleaning of cultural relics and stone walls, cleaning of automobile parts, etc.






    Why choose pulsed laser cleaner



    The energy of pulsed laser is stored and released periodically, high peak intensity, low thermal input, little heat transfer to substrate, high intensity removes paint by sublimation, vaporization, and concussive detaching. But the continuous laser by consistent heat transfer to substrate, low intensity removes paint by incineration. So for painting or coating removal, the efficiency of pulsed laser will be high much









    The efficiency comparison between 100w pulased laser cleaner & 1000w laser cleaner on painting removal jobs. The cleaning efficiency for paint removal on aluminum surface, it is much higher 7.7 times than that of continuous laser. The cleaning efficiency of pulsed laser is 2.77m2/h, while the continuous laser is 0.36m2/h. And the cleaning efficiency for paint removal on carbon steel is 3.5 times than that of continuous laser. The efficiency laser is 1.06m2/h, while the cleaning efficiency of continuous laser is 0.3m2/h










    The surface aluminum after laser cleaning, the left side one is cleaned by pulsed fiber laser, we can see paint on the surface has been completely removed, and there is little damaged and no laser lines; The right side one is done by continuous fiber laser, the paint was also completely removed, but there was a serious remelting phenomenon on the surface, and laser lines appeared









    The left side one is made by pulsed laser, the surface is relatively smooth; The right side one is made by continuous fiber laser, the paint was also completely removed, but the surface was remelted seriously, and the surface was uneven.










    The pulsed laser damages the surface less, which the surface roughness after cleaning is close to that of the original materials. But after continuous laser cleaning, the damage to the surface is greater, so the surface roughness is 1.5 times the roughness of the original material and 1.7 times the surface roughness after pulsed laser cleaning










    The continuous laser cleaner will bring higher much temperature on based material surface during cleaning compare to pulsed laser cleaning machine. Pulsed lasers can better control the thermal input to prevent excessive substrate temperature or micro-melting, so that the pulse laser cleaning will lead to less damage or less distortion to the base metal plates compared with continuous laser cleaning





    Major application for pulsed laser cleaner

    Pulsed laser cleaner used for mould cleaning, especially for plastic injection mould, minimal service interruptions and production down time – laser cleaning is efficient and less preparation time is required. Environmentally friendly cleaning solution – no need for chemical, manual, or abrasive blasting cleaning.







    The pulsed laser cleaner working on historical objects and carbonization removal, repair of monuments, cultural heritage and general restorationven









    Auto parts cleaning. No contact cleaning – with laser cleaning there is no physical contact with the surface, this means we can clean sensitive high value surfaces with ease









    The pulsed laser cleaner has very big advantage in painting removal or coating removal, high efficiency and less damage on base material. Especially for high value & big batch products, if need to be re-painting after surface inspection failed, then pulsed laser cleaning will be a good choice








    Laser cleaning of two-component glue, resin, for the production of carbon parts for the automotive industry, to cleaning of large and extremely hard deposits. Removal of a very thick layer of preservative wax, which popular used in this case when transporting the turbines




    Pulsed laser for cleaning stones, masonry, bricks, graffiti wall







    Pulse laser working on furniture coating removal. If need to do re-painting on furniture for renovation, then pulsed laser cleaner will be good choice





    Both pulsed laser & continuous laser can do rust removal, but the continuous laser have advantage in rust removal. Also continuous laser cleaner has advantages in price, will pay less money in purchase continuous laser cleaning machine compare to pulsed laser cleaner






    Pulsed laser cleaning machine
    Models and specifications

    CLP100-- Adopts 100w pulsed fiber laser source


    CLP200-- Adopts 200w pulsed fiber laser source


    CLP300-- Adopts 300w pulsed fiber laser source


    CLP500-- Adopts 500w pulsed fiber laser source

     Series:   Handheld CLP series  


    Name :  Pulsed laser cleaning machine


    Cleaning area: 100*100mm

            Optional:   140*140mm



    Marking function: only available in CLP100/200


    Welding head weight:  0.9KG only


    Laser source: JPT laser source


    Laser source option:Max、Raycus


    Cooling: Air cooling for 100~300w

                 Water cooling for 500w


    Dispaly: 7" touch screen


    Lauguage:English Interface


    Dimension for 100w: 35*16*25cm


    Dimension for 200w~300w: 66*34*68cm


    Dimension for 500w: 98*66*105cm


    Input power: 220V+/-10%, 50Hz/60Hz