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    Raytools:  Fiber laser cutting head


    Raytools is world-class laser control & laser conduction products core supplier, the famous products such as fiber laser cutting head, fiber laser welding head. The laser cutting head including flat cutting, 3D cutting (tube cutting). Their popular laser cutting head including BT210S, BT240S, BM110, BM111







    Raytools cutting heads BT210S & BT240S

    BT210S is low power cutting head with power rating 1500w

    BT240S is medium power cutting head with power rating 3300w






    Raytools cutting heads BM110 & BM111


    Raytools BM110 & BM111 are auto focus cutting head with laser power rating 3300w










    Fiber laser cutting nozzles



    Cutting nozzles is a consumable parts to a fiber laser cutting machine, it adopts high quality copper material. Lots of them have single layer and double layer two types. And caliber have many options, for example for model B (D32-M14-H15) have 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4, 4.5, 5.0






    Model A is suitable for Raytools BT220 cutting head and some Precitec cutting head. It has single layer and double layer model for optional, and double layer adopts chrome coating







    Model B is suitable for Raytools BT240S/BM110/BM111 and other model cutting head. Single-layer nozzles generally use nitrogen and air as auxiliary gases to cut stainless steel plates, aluminum plates, copper plates, etc.







    Model D belong to the high speed cutting nozzles. It also has single layer and double layer, the double layer commonly adopts oxygen as auxiliary gas to cut steel plates









    Model: ST-S & YG-S cutting nozzles








    Model: SP-S & SP-F cutting nozzles









    Model J and Model E nozzles








    Bullet nozzle can be used for Raytools cutting head BT210S








    Model F cutting nozzles with single layer and double layer 









    Hexagonal nozzle Model K










    Model G & Model H cutting nozzles








    Model S & Model T cutting nozzles 







    Model M cutting nozzles, the double layer cutting nozzle without chrome coating








    Model N cutting nozzles








    3D cutting nozzles. The model 3D15 nozzles suitable for Raytools cutting head BM110 & BM111








    3D cutting nozzle











    Protective lens for cutting head




    The protective lens is the largest consumable parts in the fiber laser cutting head. If the protective lens can be replaced in time, it can often extend the service life of the laser cutting head and protecting the other lenses & mirrors inside of cutting head. The protective lens is made of quartz material. The popular models for protective lenses of Raytools cutting heads are 24.9*1.5mm, 27.9*4.1mm and 37*7mm. It depends on different laser power





    Commonly the top protective lens (or called top cover glass) will adopts D24.9*1.5mm model for protecting the fiber laser cutting head


    And bottom protective lens depends on the laser power, commonly 1000-3300w cutting heads will adopts D27.9*4.1mm protective lens, and higher than 3.3kw cutting heads will adopts D37*7mm model



    Model Dia. Thickness Material Suitable for
    D24.9*1.5 24.9mm 1.5mm Imported quartz based BM110/BM111/BM04K/BM06K
    D27.9*4.1 27.9mm 4.1mm Imported quartz based BT210S/BT240S/BM110/BM111
    D37*7 37mm 7mm Imported quartz based BM04K/BM06K/BS06K











    Ceramic parts for Fiber laser cutting head



    Ceramic parts also call ceramic ring. High-quality ceramic body and alloy fit perfectly to make sure the stability of signal transmission







    D32M14 ceramic parts suitable for cutting head BT240, BMH109





    D28M14 ceramic part suitable for cutting head such as BT220, BM114, BM115

    D19M8 ceramicc part suitable for cutting head such as BT240, BMH111, BMH110







    Model Diameter Screw thread Height
    D28M11 28mm M11 12mm
    D28M14 28mm M14 12mm
    D32M14 32mm M14 12mm
    D19M8 19.5mm M8 12.5mm
    D21M8 21.4mm M8 12.9mm
    D21M11 21.4mm M11 16.9mm









    Focus lens & Collimated lens



    Focusing lens and collimating lens are very important optical parts. They are made of imported quartz material and have a decisive influence on the cutting efficiency and cutting force of the entire laser cutting head





    The figure shown the location of focus lens group on the cutting head




    It shown the location of collimated lens group on the cutting head




    Model list for focus lens & collimated lens



    Focusing lens group or Collimating lens group, all are composed of a lens tube plus 1pcs meniscus lens and 1pcs biconvex lens












    Cutting head nozzle connector  TRA capacitive sensor





    Above shown different type capacitive sensors for different models cutting head. The cutting head nozzle connector consists of a capacitive sensor, a ceramic body, a locking ring and a nozzle










    RF cable for fiber cutting head





    RF cables adopts nickel coating dual copper heads, to make sure the signal transmission in high stability