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    CO2 laser parts---Water chiller, air blower (exhauster), air compressor

    Laser cutting machine have many laser components. The standard assistant laser parts including

    water chiller, air blower and air compressor.  These laser components are for asseistant jobs

    to make sure the laser cutting machine working in good conditions






    Water chiller or called water cooling system for providing cooling water

    to bring heating out from the laser tube, and make sure laser tube working in suitable temperature








    In laser cutting machine market, Teyu is best brand in laser water chiller industry

    The famous models is CW3000, CW5000 and CW5200

    CW3000 working by water pump, commonly used for 80w or lower power of laser tube

    CW5000 with compressor, which can provide constant water temperature for 80w or higher power laser tube

    such as 100w, 130w, 150w. And CW5200 have dual water output, it is for double heads laser cutting 






    Five laser also provide JL series water chiller, have corresponding models JL3000, JL5000, JL5200

    Commonly JL3000 water chiller for 40w-80w laser tube

    JL5000 & JL5200 water chiller for 80w-150w laser tube cooling, JL5000 for single laser tube, JL5200 for double 








    The water chiller have temperature controller and temperature meter on front view

    The back view have input power connector, water inlet, water outlet.

    Also have water flow switch connector for sending water protection signal to laser controller







    Each laser water chiller have independent carton packing for safer transportation








    Air blower also called exhauster or exhausting pump

    Air blower is used for exhausting the dust or smoking from the laser cutting machine

    to make sure the cutting performance of processed material in good condition










    The popular power of air blower used on laser cutting machine have 550w and 750w

    Commonly 550w used for small working area laser cutter such as 600*400mm, 900*600mm

    750w air blower used for larger size laser cutter such as 1300*900mm, 1400*1000mm, 1600*1000mm







    Each air blower have independent carton packing for safer transportation.







    The air compressor also called blow pump, which is used for protecting the focus lens

    If without air compression blowed out from laser cutting head

    the focus lens will be dusty easily, and then lead to weak cutting force of laser cutting machine








    Hailea is popular brand for air compressor in laser cutting machine industry

    Different laser cutting jobs or cutting thickness needs different power air blower







    Above spec list for Hailea brand air compressor

    The 85w, 135w and 160w used more in laser cutting machine

    higher power160w commonly used for thicker materials