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    CO2 laser wavelength: 9300-10640nm            Fiber laser wavelngth: 1064nm           UV laser wavelength: 355nm



    UV laser marking machine produced by Five Laser, which is based on

    355nm wavelength UV laser source. Compare to air cooling type UV laser source,

    the water cooling type UV laser source we adopted one can be working higher stability






    Compare to CO2 laser and fiber laser marking,

    the UV laser marking have better laser beam quality M2、

    more fine laser marking line、more smooth marking performance,

    also UV laser marking machine can be suitable for more wider materials marking






    Five laser provide 3w, 5w, 10w UV laser marking machine for option

    Due to its excellent laser optical properties, it is more suitable for ultra-fine laser marking applications

    such as daily washing products, cosmetics, medicine packing, food packaging, engineering plastics, 

    consumer electronics and other polymer materials, packaging bottle, glass surface marking,

    better than ink coding and no pollution






     Ultraviolet lasers (UV laser) are also called "cold laser sources" by people

     Compared with other lasers, UV laser have a less heat affected zone and the marked surface can be smoother

    That's the reason that UV laser can be used widely in IPAD logo marking, Mobile charger spec marking,

    FCB (Flexible PCB) marking and scribing, IC elements marking, LCD glass barcode/QR code marking

    UV laser marking machine also have advantage in marking on consumer electrinics plastic housing

    And marking production date, serial number on PVDC/PE/PP/EVOH or aluminum complex food packing

    also UV laser marker good in marking on HDPE/CPP/PET cosmestic bottles







     UV lasers are sensitive to temperature, excepting some environment with good cooling and temperature control,

    Generally we recommend to configure a water chiller with high-precision temperature control capability

    Our company adopts famous brand Teyu water chiller CWUL-05 sepcial for UV marking machines







    Equipped with China's most famous original genuine JCZ control card LMCV4-DIGIT special for UV laser marker

    To ensure more stable UV laser marking and faster marking speed








    Optional famous Wavelength OPEX brand F-theta focus lens for UV laser marking machine

    To ensure that the marking of each point in the marking range is more uniform

    Also high-precision JGZOE brand F-theta focus lens for option








    Adopting well-known Maiman brand-Stone series MMEPU-355 ultraviolet laser and 6* optical beam expander

    No need to adjust the light path regularly, maintenance-free,

    thus ensuring a finer spot output and more stable laser marking performance









    JPT is famous brand in UV laser source

    The 3w popular model is Seal-355-3SE with water cooling

    and 5w popular model is Seal-355-5E with water cooling

     The water cooling type can make sure the marking high stable in long-term opeartion









    Five Laser produced UV laser marking machine with a continuous UV light for marking preview

    which is more convenient for operating by users










    JPT brand Seal 355              RFH brand Excellent Ⅱ 355                 INNGU brand Grace X 3/5W   

    Excepting Maiman UV laser source or DXT UV laser source STABLE-355-3

    We also provide above 3 brands UV laser sources for option











    Five Laser provides free sample marking testing services for all customers all over the world

    So customers can confirm which laser machine or models will be most suitable for their marking requirement

    We also provide best laser marking solution suggestion to buyers

    The following sample photos to show you part of materials marking tested by our UV laser marking machine

      and descriptions let you understand the advantages of UV laser marking machine most intuitively











                     Liquid foundation bottle marking                  Shampoo bottle UV laser marking              Skin care lotion bottle laser marking   



                     Facial cleanser production date marking            Beauty cream bottle UV laser marking         Toothpaste tube laser marking



    Laser marking or laser etching is a permanent marking technology, which is beautiful and real-time 

    It won’t be easily worn off like printing or inkjet technology











                 Granular medicine carton marking               Medicine plastic bottle UV laser coding                Tablets medicine packaging laser marking




                    Bagged pain relief plaster laser marking              Oral liquid bottle UV laser marking           Laser coding for external ointment bottle             



    Drugs need to have strict production dates and drug expiration dates

    Laser marking can mark drug packages online/statically in real time

    Compared with CO2 laser marking, the effect  of UV laser marking is more clearer and finer

    It is more beautiful and lower operating cost than inkjet printing, because laser marking has no consumables












                Bluetooth headset parameter marking          Apple IPAD back logo UV laser marking         Mobile charger tech spec laser marking 




                  Illumination socket logo laser marking      Electronic shell LOGO and parameter marking     Marking for lighting power supply shell



    Ultraviolet laser (UV laser) marking machine has more obvious advantages

    than ordinary optical fiber marking machine in the marking of consumer electronics and plastic casing

    Because the UV laser marking machine has finer marking lines and smoother marking effects

    And it will not cause burns or obvious protrusions or blisters on the marking surface.

    This is the reason why some peoples call UV laser as "cold laser source"














             Footware serial number UV laser marking    Security seal & Bull ear tag laser marking         Leather cover & Meeting souvenirs marking




               PVC pipe LOGO & serial number marking           Cable and optical fiber UV laser marking         Goggles glasses sunglasses laser marking



    Generally fiber laser marking machine is aimed at marking the surface of metal materials and some plastics 

    CO2 laser marking is more aimed at marking the surface of non-metal materials

    However, the UV laser marking machine can be applied to a wider range of marking materials

    not only for metal materials, but also for most non-metal materials













                  Milk jar production date laser marking          Nut food packaging UV laser coding                  Foil bag food packing laser marking 



                     Boxed milk production date coding                 Egg shell UV laser marking LOGO             Soy & spicy strips food packing coding             



    The first consideration for food packaging labeling is safety and environmental protection

    At this point, laser marking is safer and more environmentally friendly than inkjet coding, with less pollution.

    In terms of marking effect, it is also more refined and more beautiful












               Glass bar code/QR code UV laser marking             Glass bottle UV laser engraving             Stainless steel black marking by UV laser    



               Jade gift laser marking name or slogan            Aluminum foil bag production date marking         Wood & bamboo pattern laser engraving



    Glass marking or engraving has always been a difficult point in the application of the laser industry.

    The CO2 laser marking machine can perform some engraving on the glass, but the effect is not good.

    But UV laser marking machine can perform more beautiful glass surface engraving and marking

    At the same time, for jade marking, stainless steel black marking also has certain advantages













    UV laser marker models FUL-3W-M FUL-5W-M FUL-3W-J FUL-5W-J FUL-3W-R FUL-5W-R
    UV laser source brand Maiman Maiman JPT laser JPT laser RFH laser RFH laser
    Laser power (w)  3w 5w 3w 5w 3w 5w
    Laser wavelength Ultraviolet laser wavelength 355nm 
    Pulse frequency (kHZ) 20-200kHZ 20-200kHZ 30-200kHZ 30-200kHZ 20-200kHZ 20-200kHZ
    Laser control card Adopts original JCZ control card special for UV laser marker---LMCV4-DIGIT
    Pulse width (ns@KHZ) ≤20ns@30k ≤20ns@30k <10ns@40k <10ns@60k <20ns@40k <20ns@40k
    Laser beam quality M2 M2<1.3 M2<1.3 M2<1.2 M2<1.2 M2<1.2 M2<1.2
    Cooling type for UV laser Water cooling, adopts professional Teyu water chiller CWUL-05 special for UV laser
    Scanner head Adopts SINO-galvo or ZBTK brand for high speed scanner head for option

    F-theta lens

    Wavelength OPEX brand F-theta focus lens & JGZOE brand F-theta lens for option