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  • Fiber laser 


    The portable fiber laser marking machine developed by Five Laser. It's based on 1064nm wavelength laser source from China's largest fiber laser source brand Raycus. Air-cooled pulse fiber laser with low energy consumption and stable marking characteristics










    Portable fiber laser marker

    This optical fiber laser marking machine is suitable for marking on all metallic materials, and removing the coating from metallic materials surface, also do marking on some engineering plastic materials such as mobile phone charger shell marking, computer keyboard marking and etc.






    Compact machine body design, which can be put on a table for working with easy operation. This model fiber laser marking machine can mark designs like company logo, serial number, bar code and other beautiful graphics




    Horizontal rotation structural design, if there is a thicker/higher object that needs to be laser marking, but it cannot be placed on the machine table surface, then the marking head can be rotated to the side position. This increases the equipment's adaptability to various laser marking tasks





    In addition to horizontal rotation, the laser marking head can also be rotated vertically In this way, it is convenient to carry out laser marking on the side of objects, achieving multiple functions in one machine




    Original JCZ control card  


    It equipped with China's most well-known original genuine JCZ brand control card FBL1-B-LV4, to ensure more stable fiber laser marking and faster marking speed





    Two brand ZBTK and SINO-galvo high stability scanner head for optional, to ensure that the marking of each point in the marking range is more uniform. The standard working area is 100*100mm, because it is a portable design. You need to confirm with us if need bigger size such as 150*150mm











    Standard configuration for our fiber laser source is Raycus brand QS series, which has high stability, long life, maintenance-free features. This configuration can make sure more fine laser beam output and stable laser marking performance















    The portable fiber laser marker produced by Five Laser, it has a inner red light indicator, which is for red light preview during marking. Another red light indicator also equipped externally to assist the laser focus adjustment. When the double red lights coincide, the height of the marking head is correct, which makes the adjustment of the laser focus easier














    Stainless steel laser marking or other metal marking is a major strength of fiber laser marking machine, which can do good marking effect and faster speed. The above sample pictures show black and white marking effect on stainless steel surface












    Among the various functions of laser marking, the popular functions such as LOGO engraving, barcode, two-dimensional marking. Serial number laser marking is also widely used. You can really print whatever graphics you want









    At present, many equipment nameplates are made of aluminum material with coating. After fiber laser marking, the appearance is high-grade, and each equipment will have a unique serial number













    The above laser marking samples show the effect of laser marking on various consumer electronics housings, toy plastic housings, and bearing stainless steel surfaces















    Five Laser provides free testing services for laser marking, so that customers can confirm the best laser marking machine model in the fastest way. Combine with exact marking environment to provides the best laser marking solution











    Models of portable fiber laser, can customized  



    Models of fiber laser marker



    Fiber laser source brand



    Laser power



    Laser wavelength


    Pulse repeating frequency (kHZ)


    Laser control card

    Original JCZ laser control card

    Laser cooling type

    Air cooling

    Air cooling

    Working area

    100*100mm (150*150mm can be customized)

    Scanner head option

    High speed ZBTK and SINO-galvo scanner head for optional

    Red light preview



    Red light assistant focusing