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    Timing belt (synchronous belt) and pulley (synchronous wheel) are very important for linear motion system or motor drive system

    It can transmit the motor/motor power force to the linear motion system or other motion unit perfectly

    It can also be used for speed reducer to make sure the transmission is more stable












    Various serrated belt pulley materials: Aluminum, steel, brass based

    But aluminum pulley is more popular in applicationt laser cutting machine












    Different types of toothed belt pulley with different shapes

    In the laser industry, the types of 3mm tooth pitch AF used very popular














    The key specification for a toothed belt pulley, such as pulley shapes: AF type, BF type, BS type and CF type

    Also the total amount of cabs, pitch of the tooth, the width of the toothed belt matched, the size of the pulley hole is very important














    In the laser cutting machine industry, the teeth pitch of 3mm, 20 or 24 teeth of pulley quantity, pulley belt width of 15mm are very popular













    Different packing form for pulley and timing belt












    The HTD228-3M closed rubber toothed belt and toothed belt pulley AF 3mm tooth pitch with 20 teeth quantity











    Different types of rubber distribution belt (Synchronous strap): STPD type and HTD type

    And HTD types are very popular in laser cutting machine, such as HTD3M-15mm

    Means the tooth pitch of the 3mm toothed belt and the 15mm wide toothed belt














    The different materials based on toothed belt: rubber toothed strap and PU toothed strap

    The rubber toothed strap with higher quality and life












    Closed loop timing belt and open timing belt are also used in laser cutting machine together

    Tie Belt for Motor aixs xy Speed Reducer, and Open Sprocket Belt for Guide Rail Y Linear System












    Pulley Model Tooth Quantity Tooth pitch For the width of the timing belt Diameter of hole
    AF-20-3M-10-6 20 3mm 10mm 6mm
    AF-20-3M-10-8 20 3mm 10mm 8mm
    AF-20-3M-15-6 20 3mm 15mm 6mm
    AF-20-3M-15-8 20 3mm 15mm 8mm
    AF-20-3M-15-10 20 3mm 15mm 10mm
    AF-24-3M-15-8 24 3mm 15mm 8mm
    AF-24-3M-15-10 24 3mm 15mm 10mm
    AF-24-3M-15-12 24 3mm 15mm 12mm
    AF-24-3M-15-14 24 3mm 15mm 14mm
    AF-30-3M-15-8 30 3mm 15mm 8mm
    AF-30-3M-15-10 30 3mm 15mm 10mm
    AF-30-3M-15-12 30 3mm 15mm 12mm
    AF-30-3M-15-14 30 3mm 15mm 14mm

    Notice: Other type and size of pulley can be customized







    Timing Belt Model Tooth Quantity Tooth pitch Width of toothed strap Belt circumference
    HTD3M-252-84-10 84 (84) 3mm 10mm 252mm
    HTD3M-255-85-10 85 3mm 10mm 255mm
    HTD3M-258-86-10 86 3mm 10mm 258mm
    HTD3M-255-85-15 85 3mm 15mm 255mm
    HTD3M-264-88-15 88-88 3mm 15mm 264mm
    HTD5M-415-83-10 83-83 5mm 10mm 415mm
    HTD5M-415-83-15 83-83 5mm 15mm 415mm
    HTD5M-415-83-20 83-83 5mm 20mm 415mm
    HTD5M-415-83-25 83-83 5mm 25mm 415mm
    HTD5M-415-83-30 83-83 5mm 30mm 415mm
    HTD8M-488-61-25 61 8mm 25mm 488mm
    HTD8M-496-62-25 62 8mm 25mm 496mm
    HTD8M-520-65-30 65 8mm 30mm 520mm
    HTD8M-512-64-40 64 8mm 40mm 512mm

    Notice: Up for closed loop sync bet, other types and size sync strap can be customized

    The popular open toothed strap for example: HTD3M-15mm, HTD3M-20mm and others