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    Five Laser adopts beautiful design laser cabinet, which will be more attractive with end user, which is helpful for laser machine distributor to get more profit through selling. Adopts high stability Raycus fiber laser source such as RFL-P30QS, RFL-P50QB




    Fiber laser marking machine have working area 110*110mm, 160*160mm or 200*200mm

    If adopts high power pulse fiber laser source such as 50w, 100w & 120w, then the marking working area can reach 300*300mm, even 400*400mm

    Applied in hardware, tools, surgical instrucment, consumable electronics, auto parts industries



    The laser optical path adopts special arc design, inside includes the red pointer with combined lens. If needs another red pointer for assistant focusing (easy to get correct focal length), we can add it to laser optical path outside, or change the scanner head with dual-red pointer




    Above is the laser marking machine diagram for showing the different location or laser parts, the main components has laser cabinet, industrial computer, Original JCZ controller, EZCAD software, laser optical path, fiber laser source, switch power supply, laser lift column 

    The laser lift column can be manual up and down, also it can make into motorised type. The height of lift column standard size is 500mm height for making working area 110*110mm, 150*150mm, 200*200mm. If need to make larger working area, commonly the Z axis lift column need to upgrade to 800mm





    We also have other colors and other machine body for option










    Higher stability laser source means cheaper running cost during machine lifetime

    Maxphotonics fiber laser source is trustable brand in China, which is our standard configuration.



                                          Also Raycus fiber laser source for optional, 20w, 30w, 50w and 100w are available



    Raycus promote some cheaper model pulse Q-switch fiber laser source such as RFL-P20QS and RFL-P30QS, if buyer only need to make some small working area marking such as 110*110mm or 150*150mm, then RFL-20QS will be recommended







    Industry computer with 17" display for laser marking machine

     needed accessories are included, ready for "plug and play" & laser marking operation













    English and other lauguage for option















    Hengfu switch power supply for machine, the high stability and famous brand in China

    Professional power distribution and electrical control system for high stability laser marker










    ZBTK brand galvo scanner adopted, higher accuracy & high speed laser marking can do











    The popular accessories such as red light preview function, USB port,

    foot switch, scaled manual up & down are available












    Fiber laser used for marking logo,

    serial number, production date, bar code or any beautiful designs on stainless steel,

    metal, brass, copper, titanium, gold, silver, aluminum, other coating products,

    and ABS materials such as computer keyboard, mobile charger housing.




    Fiber Laser marking applications of 1D barcode and 2D barcode are very popular, which can improve product traceability and anti-counterfeiting performance. The laser marking can make the barcode permanent on material. We tested the QR code (barcode) marked on stainless steel materials: white marking and black marking got by different parameter setting such as laser power & hatch gap & laser frequency & marking speed, the smallest barcode is 5mm in size, and it still has very good readability



    Fiber laser marking machine is very nice choice for marking metallic materials such as gold, silver, titanium, aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, brass & irons, also for marking on coating surface. It can get very clear & beautiful marking results. So it's popular to be used for marking company name, logos, serial numbers, QR code, production date and any beautiful designs on your products.









    Model Working area
    Power optional
    Power option Cooling type Marking speed Input power





    20w Air cooling






    FLM-30S 30w
    FLM-50S 50w
    FLM-100S 100w

     Noted: The fiber laser marker with large working area 300*300, 600*600mm, 1000*1000mm can be customized by 3D Dynamic focusing laser marking technology